Emma Rogers Society, MIT

Initial logotype mockups

The Emma Rogers Society was established in 1989 for widows of MIT alumni and faculty. The Society keeps it's 5000+ members connected to the Institute through events, activities and the intellectual and cultural excitement of the MIT community. Our office was asked to redesign it's overall identity, including a revamp of their greatest communication vehicle—the newsletter.

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LogotypeLogotype We started with an abrupt change in style for the logotype. The Society previously used historical typefaces and a classic, very formal theme. We decided that instead, the Society logotype needed to reflect their audience's vibrant curiosity and desire to become more social. Soft corners and a hand-drawn typeface helped visualize this idea. Reversed-out logotypeReversed-out logotype It was determined that when full coverage color was desired a reversed-out logotype would enhance readability. Letterhead and #10 envelopeLetterhead and #10 envelope Generous margins on stationery helped give the casual style a more formal appearance. Also, most print materials printed on 100% recycled paper. Newsletter cover variationsNewsletter cover variations Subsequent newsletters were to be updated by support staff, rather than designers. Files were crafted to be easily updated. New covers simply required a beautiful photograph relating to an article inside. NewsletterNewsletter Reducing the newsletter's format down to A7-size made the reading experience more intimate. The smaller size also garnered a decrease in postage costs. Spread, Letter from the EditorSpread, Letter from the Editor The inside of the newsletter adheres to a flexible, baseline grid. Paragraph, character and object styles control the look of the newsletter and it's identity. Doutone, or two-color, images keep production costs down. Spread, Marblehead Breakfast Series event photosSpread, Marblehead Breakfast Series event photos A relaxed photo page emphasized the relaxed spirit of Society's members. Invitation with image variationsInvitation with image variations When asked to shoot a collection of creative photographs for an invitation, the event location's floor tiles just stood out. The colorful, abstract shapes of Sol LeWitt's permanent art installation surprised attendees as they arrived.